Welcome to the Fossil Outdoor Blog

Welcome to the Fossil Outdoor Blog


Welcome to our blog. BōnDry our flagship product has been on the market since November of 2019. Since that time we have been working very hard to make sure the word gets out, correct internal problems, and quality is maintained, all while keeping in mind a larger focus on the planet.

We have had some huge announcements this year as we have partnered with National Forest Foundation and now with the announcement of LilBōn.

This Blog is intended as a vehicle to share important updates and changes as we grow, add products, and create business partnerships. We want to provide transparency into our efforts to remain an environmentally focused brand which demonstrates the capitalism and being environmentally responsible can coexist.

We also want to share fun facts around earth science which we feel is important because it allows individuals to form a connection between themselves and the environment. Our hope is that those connections will lend to the individual the paradigm of conservation which they can share with others.

Please enjoy our blog and feel free to comment, share, and make suggestions!

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