Rocky Mountain Nation Park - Unisex Trail Glider T-Shirt
Rocky Mountain Nation Park - Unisex Trail Glider T-Shirt

Rocky Mountain Nation Park - Unisex Trail Glider T-Shirt

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Allosaurus - Rocky Mountain National Park

Our limited edition National Park Trail Roamer T-shirts are perfect for any outdoor activity. They are durable enough for any Mountain Biking, Hiking, or whatever else the trail may throw at you. The staff at Fossil Outdoor love these shirts, they are comfortable, breathable, and soft. They have a longcut for athletic frames. SIZE INFO BELOW

All of our limited edition commemorative National Park T-Shirts feature Dinosaurs which were found near the National Park they are paired with (or at least the same State).

Allosaurus is a large meat-eating dinosaur from the Jurassic Period, 155 million years ago. Allosaurus actually means, “Different Lizard” alluding to its unique concave vertebrae. It was 31 to 39 feet long and 15 to 16 feet tall.

Rocky Mountain National Park in Northern Colorado spans the Continental Divide and encompasses protected mountains, forests and alpine tundra. It was established in January 1915.

A portion of the proceeds from these T-Shirt Sales will go toward the National Forest Foundation to help plant trees in our National Forests.

ECO FRIENDLY - Made from organic cotton and recycled poly rPET blend that makes the fabric more durable. Each shirt saves at least 4 plastic bottles from ending up in a landfill, or worse. It’s the perfect choice for someone looking for casual, yet sustainable apparel.

  • 60% organic cotton, 40% recycled poly rPET

  • Fabric weight: 5.6 oz/yd² (189.87 g/m²)

  • Crew neck

  • Unisex fit

  • Certificate of compliance with Organic Cotton Standard

  • Sourced from Nicaragua

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