BōnDry Clean - Cleansing Tabs
BōnDry Clean - Cleansing Tabs

BōnDry Clean - Cleansing Tabs

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BōnDry Clean is the best way to keep all of your hydration gear clean. It is made from biodegradable minerals and essential oil.

Use with:

  • Use it to clean your BōnDry, LilBōn, or WishBōn hydration gear dryers by Fossil Outdoor. Simply dissolve in a bowl of warm water and hand wash your Fossil Outdoor products, or toss them in your washing machine together.

  • Use warm water and dissolve BōnDry Clean in your favorite hydration container. It cleans

    • Hydration Pack Bladders

    • Water Bottles

    • Insulated Bottles and Mugs

    • Shakers

    • Reusable zip bags

    • Food containers

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