LilBōn - Soft Flask Dryer
LilBōn - Soft Flask Dryer
LilBōn - Soft Flask Dryer
LilBōn - Soft Flask Dryer

LilBōn - Soft Flask Dryer

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LilBōn (pronounced Lil Bone) is the world’s first soft flask/bottle dryer. Just rinse your bladder and insert LilBōn it will absorb all the moisture and wick it out of the bottle to be evaporated. Next time you use your bottle your water will taste fresh and clean. Easily folds to fit into standard bottle openings.

Use LilBōn on

  • Soft Flasks

  • <1 L hydration bottles

  • Reusable zip bags

  • Small insulated water bottles


  • Absorbs moisture quickly

  • Moisture transport technology

  • Leaves bottles fresh and dry

  • Reusable

  • Sustainably Sourced

  • Made in the USA

  • 14” x 1.75”

Why choose us?

Made in the USA

Our drying products are manufactured right here in Phoenix, Arizona. We are committed to making a high quality product and creating jobs that pay a fair wage.


All our products are made through the most environmental responsible methods possible. Our Drying Products are made from sustainably sourced plants and recycled plastic bottles!

No More Waste

Not only does BōnDry make hydration gear maintenance easier, but it cuts down on waste! BōnDry is reusable and machine washable. By using a BōnDry you increase the usable life of your hydration bladder which decreases wasted polyurethane. That is a big win for the environment!

Small Business Big things

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