Amazon vs U.S. Small Businesses

Dear Amazon Customers, 

We want to hear from you if you were victimized by the Amazon knockoffs! Please contact us at 

We sell on for the convenience of our customers. We understand the many benefits of shopping through Amazon. We would encourage you to buy from them if your wish; however, we would like to share how Amazon is harmful to us as a U.S. Manufacturer and retail business. If you choose to purchase with us you are helping us grow and protecting jobs. 

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**Update Nov 30, 2022**

While Amazon has finally removed their endorsement "Amazon's Choice" badge from the Knockoff they are allowing an advertisement on their site that states that the knockoff company "invented" the product. As of today Amazon has refused any action. This blatant lie is a huge punch in the face to us. It not only brings our integrity into question, but it harms customers who are being scammed by the knock off company. 

**End Update**

Amazon Knock-off:

Amazon has allowed an Unauthorized Knockoff of our Patent Pending Products on its site. Amazon refuses to remove the product until our patent is issued. They have doubled-down on the crime by endorsing the knockoffs as "Amazon's choice". Amazon claims this is because the fake is out-performing our sales. 

The unauthorized product is out performing ours due to deception, pricing and Amazon's endorsement. 

  1. The product origin is not labeled and they attempt to claim it is made in Germany. This is false, Amazon has verified that they are made in China. 
  2. The product packaging and store imagery are adaptations from our Amazon store, Social Media, and website. This makes it appear similar to our product. 
  3. The product attempts to replicate the function and appearance of our products; however, it is half as thick 3 inches shorter and the stitching is cheap at best. 
  4. The product undercuts our pricing by over 50% leading customers to believe they are getting more for less, when they are getting an inferior product.
  5. Amazon's Choice badge is awarded to the product in a category which has the most sales. This itself is misleading to consumers because it suggests that a formal evaluation of the product and its features has been done. This endorsement leads consumers to believe they are receiving a quality product.  

We are not the only U.S. Manufacturer that Amazon does this to. Please be careful and please support American jobs. 

Cost of our product:

We made the choice to continue to manufacture our hydration pack dryers here in the USA. This allows us oversight over the quality of our sustainably sourced fabrics. It helps provide jobs to families right here in Phoenix, Arizona. It helps us assure that the workers are treated and are provided basic human rights. 

When you buy our product you are paying for unmatched quality: 

  • Made in the U.S.A. 
  • High Quality Construction - Lasts hundreds of uses
  • Verified Sustainably Sourced Composition
  • Verified Biodegradable - USDA Certified Biobased
  • 100% recycled packaging

Our pricing reflect the quality that you are paying for. Additionally it costs more to sell on Amazon. Amazon charges us for shipping, referral fees, and tax fees. For these reasons the pricing of our products remain consistent with our website pricing.

Again, we are on Amazon for your convenience and we hope if you choose to shop our product that way, you will be able to avoid the knockoffs. Thank you for your business on any platform, and we are grateful for your support on this issue.