BigBōn - Dryer for your Cooler
BigBōn - Dryer for your Cooler

BigBōn - Dryer for your Cooler

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A note from the Founder

Since introducing BōnDry to the public in November of 2019, Fossil Outdoor has been through a lot with the Pandemic, Slow Patent Process, and Amazon Knockoffs making things very difficult, but something that has come very easy has been the support and love from our customers. That is why we have tried to listen to the advise of our customers in every comment, review, and email. This product is a result of that. Best of all it really works! Thank you for trusting our products and for all of your support. We hope to ship the first 300 by the third week in August. All the best, Everett

Introducing BigBōn - Dryer for your cooler!

Now you don't have to wait for your cooler to dry with the lid open for hours. Simply rinse the cooler, insert the BigBōn - Dryer for your cooler, close the lid and put it away. When you return it will be dry and ready to use. No more funky coolers!


  • Dries the cooler when the lid is closed
  • Fits most coolers 
  • 36" x 8" x .25"
  • Reusable - Washable (see FAQ for BōnDry care instructions)
  • Sustainably 🌱 and Ethically 🙏 Sourced
  • Manufactured here in Phoenix USA 🇺🇸
  • Ships late August!