LilBōn Guide

LilBōn - Instruction Guide

To use LilBōn:

  1. Rinse your flexible bottle or hydration bottle

  2. Insert LilBōn

    1. This may require you to fold LilBōn widthwise to get it to fit through the bottle opening.

    2. Several inches of LilBōn should remain outside of the bottle exposed to the air.

  3. Next, put your gear away with the LilBōn remaining inside

    1. LilBōn will absorb the moisture in the bottle quickly

    2. LilBōn will wick the moisture up and out of the bottle over the next day or so.

  4. When you are ready to use your gear again simply remove LilBōn and fill your bottle up.

  5. Reuse - LilBōn can be reused without cleaning unless it gets dirty from leftover electrolyte, hard or sulfur filled water, wine (no judgement from us - invite us next time), or anything else.

  6. Cleaning - LilBōn is machine washable, but detergent is a matter of personal preference, in our testing we noticed that the perfume from cleaners does stay in the LilBōn and can transfer to the bottle. The fragrance of the bottle did not appear to be detectable in the flavor of the water put in the bottle.